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Li Na sleeping but motivated

Days before Wimbledon began, Li Na vowed to quit in anger when she lost early -- her tailspin continuing -- at a warm-up tournament in Eastbourne. To her surprise, Carlos Rodriguez agreed. "Everybody always says, 'No, no, Li Na, don't quit,' " he recalled. "I told her: 'Fine, you can quit. Stop playing if that's what you feel. But if you're quitting because you didn't like what happened today, have some courage. This is just a game, but you can't continue to run away from your problems. They'll follow you until the end of your life.' "


Shaken by his words, Li agreed to train hard for Wimbledon. "At Wimbledon, we started to see a different person emerge -- more relaxed, more positive," Rodriguez said. "Now I think she's hungry for more."


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