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December 30, 2013

The list, the todo list, to do list

We pack all the madness and ambiguity of life into a structured form of writing. In short making lists is a great way to increase our overall happiness and feel less overwhelmed.

We also form and challenge definitions of the things around us by making lists of their characteristics. For instance, if we were to describe an animal to a child, we would do so by listing characteristics like color, size, diet and habitat. Regardless of whether this matches the scientific definition of the animal or not, that's how we make sense of it.

1. Break projects into tasks, don't succumb to the Zeigarnik effect.
make "a few very specific, actionable, non-conflicting items."

2. Prioritize ruthlessly

3. "Plan ahead"

4. Be realistic in your planning

December 15, 2013

What do we want ? Creativity ! (not really)

"Everybody hates it when something's really great," says essayist and art critic Dave Hickey. He is famous for his scathing critiques against the art world, particularly against art education, which he believes institutionalizes mediocrity through its systematic rejection of good ideas. Art is going through what Hickey calls a "stupid phase."