July 21, 2010

Beijing edition of Queens' Crap.

Instead, they seize property in parts of the city they deem "unhygienic and unsafe," rezone much of it as commercial property and sell it for huge profits. The concession to history often consists of a few new buildings with upturned eaves and garishly painted timber slapped on concrete facades.

Aarguments have had limited impact on this redevelopment-crazed city. In recent years, two-thirds of Beijing's 3,000 narrow lanes, known as hutongs, have been subsumed by mega-developments, many of them in neighborhoods that were officially designated preservation zones.

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April 5, 2007

vresp fails

Vresp is an e-mail newsletter service.

Instead of sending an e-mail inviting users to click on, eg for
mortgage info, it invites users to click on something like

which does not resolve or redirect properly.

Newsletters should show the true URL, like for mortgage info.