June 14, 2005

Analysis of patterns

Analysis of patterns

Automatic pattern analysis of data is a pillar of modern science,
technology and business, with deep roots in statistics, machine
learning, pattern recognition, theoretical computer science, and many
other fields. A unified conceptual understanding of this strategic
field is of utmost importance for researchers as well as for users of
this technology.

This workshop - course will emphasizes the common principles and roots
of modern pattern analysis technology, developed independently by many
different scientific communities over the past 30 years, and their
impact on modern science and technology.

Students and researchers from many disciplienes dealing with automatic
pattern analysis form the intended audience. These include (but are
not limited to) statistics, pattern recognition, data mining, machine
learning, information theory, sequence analysis, bioinformatics,
adaptive systems, etc.

Italy, October 28 - November 6, 2005