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Jealousy and begrudgery are still alive and well in Ireland

"Jealousy and begrudgery are still alive and well in Ireland, and whoever eradicates them should be prime minister for life," he says as he tucks into a heaping plate of gravy-drenched turkey and mashed potatoes in the restaurant of one of the two hotels he owns -- and is hoping to raze. "It's part of the Irish psyche and it is the result of 800 years of being controlled by other people, of watching everything the master or landlord is doing."

Crime, gangland disputes and a sense of anomie flourished as Moyross and other similar projects evolved as cocoons of poverty and hopelessness.

Property developer Sean Dunne with his wife, Gayle Killilea, in Dublin

The Irish Economy's Rise Was Steep, and the Fall Was Fast
Published: January 4, 2009
The Irish developer Sean Dunne, who became a symbol of the country's boom, faces a foundering economy.


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