September 23, 2006

Sinak Plumbing

Sinak Plumbing Company,
1300 S Laclede Station Rd S,
Saint Louis, MO,
ph 314.968.1340

June 12, 2006

Light Rail North-South routing for Saint Louis City

North South reports and analysis of light rail North-South
routes begin in 2006 -- the 40th anniversary of the last
streetcar to operate in regular service in St. Louis, via the
excellent STL Urban Review.

May 12, 2006


STL BMW CCA aka STL BMW Club gave a great technical event: Gateway Tech.

March 5, 2006

80 20 rule

The temperature distribution in Missouri follow an Paretoesque 80-20 rule.


January 6, 2006

bathroom re-glazing

Gateway reglazing recovers porcelain.

November 26, 2005

I-64 exit 11 (MO)

A new exit from I-64 in Saint Charles County, MO.
Click on picture for full size photo pop-up.
GoogleMap of area.

I-64 westbound, Chesterfield, MO.

Missouri River bridge, from Saint Louis County northwest into Saint Charles County.

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November 3, 2005

Rhetorica: propaganda, spin, journalism and politics,

Rhetorica Network offers analysis and commentary about the rhetoric,
propaganda, and spin of journalism and politics, including analysis of
presidential speeches and election campaigns. [*]

Shows that the Show ME state is still home to touchstones of
journalism since Network.

November 2, 2005

Saint Louis road geeking

Road geeking around Saint Louis County and STL city, Missouri,
by Jey Ping. Movies and pictures.

July 24, 2005

Classic Saint Louis roof repair

Saint Louis Slate and Tile Roofering Co. will inspect and fix
your classic Saint Louis roof.

And copper gutters, too

June 28, 2005

STL Downtown Defense Fund

Downtown Defense Fund

The National Register-listed Century Building in downtown St. Louis
was recently demolished to make way for a parking garage. We thought
this tragic demolition was the end of an ugly chapter in St. Louis'
history. Now, it's gotten uglier.

Before the demolition, two Downtown residents, Marcia Behrendt and
Roger Plackemeier, took principled action to try to save the Century
Building. They were plaintiffs in two legal cases that sought to keep
this historic building as part of our architectural heritage. But the
buildings came down anyway.

Now, the City of St. Louis, the State of Missouri and the project
developers have filed a lawsuit against them, alleging malicious
prosecution — and seeking actual damages exceeding $1.5 million, plus
punitive damages "in an amount sufficient to deter said defendants and
others from like conduct."

Should the City, State and developers prevail, Marcia and Roger could
lose all of their assets. Just to defend themselves will cost tens of
thousands of dollars in legal costs, even if lawyers donate some

Marcia and Roger stood up for us and for our community. Now, it's up
to us to stand with them.

You can help in one of two ways:

* Write a check for any amount to help with legal costs.
Make it payable to Downtown Defense Fund, and mail it to:

Downtown Defense Fund
c/o Scott Kluesner, Treasurer
7480 Cornell Avenue
St. Louis MO 63130

April 28, 2005

Urban Review STL

Excelent Urban Review STL architrectural review of Saint Louis, MO
housing and commercial real estate.