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ETF exchange traded funds

Probably the biggest eye-catcher is iShares FTSE/Xinhua China 25
Index Fund (FXI) — the first ETF investing solely in China
available to U.S. investors. Launched earlier this month,
the ETF tracks the 25 largest and most liquid Chinese stocks.
Of course, there's increasing talk of China's red-hot economy
cooling, but few expect the growth spigot to be shut entirely.
The China 25 Index Fund's expense ratio of 0.74% is higher
than that of most ETFs, but it's substantially lower than the
average China-region mutual fund's expense ratio of 2.37%,
according to Lipper. ETFs, by nature, carry lower expense ratios
than their mutual-fund counterparts. [1]

Standard and Poors index tracker.

Vanguard REIT Vipers 	VNQ 	0.18% 	6,200
Vanguard Industrials Vipers 	VIS 	0.28% 	1,100
Vanguard Energy Vipers 	VDE 	0.28% 	400
Vanguard Telecommunication Services Vipers 	VOX 	0.28% 	100
SPDR O-Strip ETF 	OOO 	0.36% 	92,000
Vanguard Small-Cap Vipers 	VB 	0.18% 	6,400
Vanguard Small-Cap Growth Vipers 	VBK 	0.22% 	52,200
Vanguard Consumer Discretionary Vipers 	VCR 	0.28% 	1,900
Vanguard Financials Vipers 	VFH 	0.28% 	2,400
Vanguard Mid-Cap Vipers 	VO 	0.18% 	1,100
Vanguard Health Care Vipers 	VHT 	0.28% 	13,400
Vanguard Information Technology Vipers 	VGT 	0.28% 	3,800
Vanguard Utilities Vipers 	VPU 	0.28% 	2,700
Vanguard Large-Cap Vipers 	VV 	0.12% 	13,500
Vanguard Small-Cap Value Vipers 	VBR 	0.22% 	9,400
Vanguard Materials Vipers 	VAW 	0.28% 	5,300
Vanguard Consumer Staples Vipers 	VDC 	0.28% 	200
Vanguard Growth Vipers 	VUG 	0.15% 	292,100
Vanguard Value Vipers 	VTV 	0.15% 	471,200
iShares S&P 1500 Index Fund 	ISI 	0.20% 	26,600
iShares FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index Fund 	FXI 	0.74% 	158,400
iShares Morningstar Large Core Index Fund 	JKD 	0.20% 	3,400
iShares Morningstar Large Growth Index Fund 	JKE 	0.25% 	11,900
iShares Morningstar Large Value Index Fund 	JKF 	0.25% 	1,200
iShares Morningstar Mid Core Index Fund 	JKG 	0.25% 	2,300
iShares Morningstar Mid Growth Index Fund 	JKH 	0.30% 	4,000
iShares Morningstar Mid Value Index Fund 	JKI 	0.30% 	3,900
iShares Morningstar Small Core Index Fund 	JKJ 	0.25% 	1,900
iShares Morningstar Small Growth Index Fund 	JKK 	0.30% 	1,500
iShares Morningstar Small Value Index Fund 	JKL 	0.30% 	2,200
iShares NYSE 100 Index Fund 	NY 	0.20% 	5,200
iShares NYSE Composite Index Fund 	NYC 	0.25% 	1,000

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