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MedCalc basic statisitical features.

MedCalc has good list of basic statisitical features.

# Stepwise Multiple regression

# Stepwise Logistic regression

# Paired and unpaired t-tests

# Rank sum tests: Wilcoxon test (paired data), Mann-Whitney U test (unpaired data)

# Variance ratio test (F-test)

# One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) with Student-Newman-Keuls (SNK) test for pairwise comparison of subgroups

# Two-way analysis of variance

# Kruskal-Wallis test

# Frequencies table, crosstabulation analysis, Chi-square test, Chi-square test for trend

# Tests on 2x2 tables: Fisher's exact test, McNemar test

# Frequencies bar charts

# Kaplan-Meier survival curve, logrank test for comparison of survival curves, hazard ratio, logrank test for trend

# Cox proportional-hazards regression

# Meta-analysis: odds ratio (random effects or fixed effects model - Mantel-Heinszel method); summary effects for continuous outcomes; Forest plot

# Reference interval (normal range)

# Analysis of Serial measurements with group comparison

# Bland & Altman plot for method comparison (bias plot) - repeatability

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