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Discount Factor for Estimating Economic LGD

Banks must measure the loss arising from counterparty default in order
to achieve Advanced-IRB compliance under the proposed Basel II minimum
regulatory capital framework. Which discount rate to use on cash
received post-default is a question that is the subject of
considerable disagreement amongst practitioners and banking
supervisors. We review alternative extant proposals and develop a new
method for choosing an appropriate discount rate contingent upon the
risk of the recovery cash flow. An example of how supervisory
determined LGD discount rates could be set is demonstrated.
Empirically, the required rate of return on defaulted corporate bonds
is shown to be similar in magnitude to the yield on BB rated debt. For
defaulted small and medium enterprise (SME) bank loans, the mean
discount rate is found to be similar, on average to the contract rate
pertaining at the time of default.

Choosing the Discount Factor for Estimating Economic LGD
by Ian Maclachlan of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd.
May 2004

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