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Liberal one party Canada 0 vs Blogosphere 1

For the moment, to put it nicely, the same thing has happened to the
Liberals in Canada, as has happened to other long-serving single-party
regimes elsewhere in the world. Technology has caught up with their
ability to manage information; and a sheltered population is losing
its fear. The more the ruling party tries to scare them, with
heavy-handed old-media campaigns, the worse things get --
for the ruling party.

[via strongworld and blogquebecois]


Mother Nature at her most lyrical --
it is as if the woodsy sprite is in thrall to the music
of the celestial spheres. Dance, little ballerina, dance!

Will Stephen Harper send soldiers to kill this tree if he is elected? He won't say.
Soldiers. In Canada. With bullets.
We're not making this up.
Choose your Canada.
Vote Liberal.

-- blogquebecois


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