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February 25, 2006

Tour du Nord II

Photo galleries:

Arctic MINI drive 2006: chase car

BenzAMG, expired
CZ Mini

Location information
Hawkes Bay on the Viking Trail

February 7, 2006

genx40 / Alan McLeod

Generation X at 40 attracts civil thoughtful comments.
How Canadian.

Highlights: Friday chat.

Down with pervasive remote-sensing automated computerized
biometric surveillance - Up With Hats !

February 6, 2006

Calgary Grit

calgarygrit is not lost in wilderness.
But is outnumbered

February 5, 2006

boxes and arrows

boxesandarrows has been upgraded.
Looks good.

You can see where the conversations are happening and
who’s having them. Each page posts stats on conversations
and people, so you can quickly find the most interesting,
controversial or insightful moments on the site.

February 4, 2006

CBS News

CBS News online: example.
Much better than the graphics and advertizing overladen
news portals of the past.

February 2, 2006

Blue Grit / Ryan Ringer

bluegrit epitomizes level headed Liberals. Example:

is the tendency for leftists to ally themselves with brutal enemies of
western civilization. There were many leftists during the Cold War
who empathized with the Soviet Union. In the same vein, today,
there are many who try to make excuses for the Islamists.

-- 2006 Feb.