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Equinox Fitness

Update 2016: Equinox Fitness is now Equinox.

Equinox Fitness is a nice mid-range gym.

Bettter than 24 Hour fitnes or NY Sports,
but beneath the Racquet Club.

At curbed, Trev explains,

Trust me, they don't care. I designed gyms for years,
for the bigest in the business. They are after their own
workout experiance, not interested in giving you the
same gym you came from. You can be sure, everything
including, The placement of of the machines, has been
reviewed at corporate, without the Gym's manager's
input or knowledge. There are reasons for everything.

Missing drink machines...= cleaner workout floor, and
drive up the juice bar sales.

No personal TVs at carrdio=, cut down on replacement
overhead (they do break)and quicker turnaround, studies
show people use cardio machines for longer time with
a personal TV station.

This is common stuff in gyms with high peak times.
You will not be tripping over bottles, and waiting for
machines to open up. But if enough people complain
about the TVs they will put them in, but only if the
membersip numbers don't hit target.

See also kizmeet's missed Equinox connections.

Equinox NY.


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