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Salt and Vinegar

The writing profession has a yo-yo-diet effect on diet.

"Everybody loses weight on hiatus, and everybody gains
weight during the show. You break up the long day by
getting a little ritualistic snack. It's like cigarette breaks
used to be."

The rituals can be exacting.

"Someone at 'Friends' would get a thing of Gummi Bears
and line them up by color before eating them."

-- Greg Malins, who wrote for "Friends" and "Will and Grace"
and is now a writer and executive producer for "How I Met
Your Mother".

"Our room is obsessed with Tim's jalapeƱo chips and
these salt-and-vinegar chips that Greg has flown
in from Canada

No kidding. Their salt-and-vinegar-ness is, like,
illegal in the States."

-- Gloria Calderon Kellett, one of Malins's colleagues.


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