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NY traffic lawyer for speeding tickets

I was not speeding: traffic lawyers and ticket fixers in NY and NJ:

The National Motorists' Association NY referrals.
Frank Desousa at ticketproblems.com
fax (877) 742-2268
ph (877)965-3237
Fax them your ticket, they phone back with a free consultation.
NYTraffic Lawyer
A former NYC Traffic Court Judge
NYC speeding tickets a specialty
traffic-summons.com aka Michael Spevack
recommended at SQC

Casey W. Raskob: has personally lobbied for the 65 mph limit in Albany
and at numerous Traffic Safety Conferences in New York State and
elsewhere. With the National Motorist’s Association he has testified
before the New Jersey State Senate and NY/NJ Port Authority on
motorist’s issues. Self-description; recommended on NE Mini.


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