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Stéphane Dion in his own words

Solomon: Stephen Harper won an election because he had five
points. They were simple. They were easy to understand. If
Stéphane Dion had five points and I was taking an elevator
ride with you what are the five points I should know about
the Dion platform? Sum them up.

Dion: I have only three pillars.

Solomon: You only have three, that’s even shorter, Stéphane.

Dion: Three pillars with me: we’ll have a much more strong
economy, more social justice, and a safe environment.

Solomon: Those are the three pillars.

Dion: Yeah.

Solomon: But are there three, you know….

Dion: Oh, you want concrete deliverables.

Solomon: Yeah, those are five deliverables. remember he said
he’d cut the GST. He had five deliverables. what’s your five

Dion: And they are very bad policies and people see that today.

Solomon: Do you have five better ones?

Dion: So, I will not copy Harper. He is copying Bush. I will not
copy him. I will be myself.

Solomon: But, do you need deliverables?

Dion: Yes. I will have deliverables. You will you open your
door, I’m doing door to door. You ask me why I would vote

Solomon: Yeah.

Dion: I will ask you: are you thinking to retrofit your house,
to change your house, to buy a cottage, to buy a new car,
to change your appliances or your furnace or your
acclimatization? Very likely you will say yes to something.
Then I say, 'perfect, I will give you a very good labelling.

You will know which product will save you money over
the years because it will be energy efficient and your
electricity bill will go down. But this product is likely to
be more costly at the beginning. So I will help you to
offset the cost with a tax rebate. Vote for me!'


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