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Crunchy Con

Crunch-Con humble conservatives ? Example: Pelos movie on evangelical culture.

"Culture war" is the right's version of the left's "class war."

Politics in America is a fashion statement. Most people did not
choose their political stance based on anything so dull as, say,
reading and research. If that were the case, we'd see a lot more
diversity of taste and opinion. What we actually see are teams,
who self-identify by sporting Birks or Rush bumper stickers.
"Crunchy cons" are supposed to rock our world because they
combine identifiers from two opposing teams(!!)

In a way, I guess I am actually a little impressed that this guy
is able to express his desire to eat tasty vegetables, despite
it being unfashionable in the circles he runs in. It's sad that
this is what passes for independent thought, though.


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