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There's an ulnimited supply
And there is no reason why
I tell you it was all a frame
They only did it cos the fame !
Who ?


Too many people had the suss
Too many people support us
An unlimited amount
Too many out lets in and out
Who ?

Sex Pestols : EMI

Apple and EMI just announced that they will be selling DRM-free
Apple songs through the iTunes Music Store. The songs will cost
130 percent of the price of the existing crippled songs, and you'll
get to choose. Weirdly, Apple seems to have sold this move to
EMI by saying that the DRM-free version will be a "premium"
offering for audiophiles who want higher-quality music.

I think that audiophiles are probably the people who have
the least trouble keeping up with the latest tips for efficiently
ripping the DRM off of their music -- the people who really
need DRM-free music are the punters who can't even spell DRM.

bb on emi drm


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