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The lost caclulated risks comments

Calculated Risk is an blog about the US economy, economics
and risk management, and these days it has a focus on
mortgages and underwriting, and the housing market.
Buck in 2005 it posted on pensions and trade and was only 50 %
real estate.

During recent designs to add adverts (CR and Tanta deserve
adsense revenue more than any refinance - your - mortgage splog)
the comment scheme has gone haywire, from haloscan to blogger
and back and down and up and ...

As a result, there are orphaned blogger comments now that their
system is back on Haloscan. Here's how to find the lost blogger

  1. In your web browser:
  2. Find the post of interest published on a date near early April 2007.
  3. At the bottom of the post of interest, find the envelope-arrow icon, something like

  4. Shift-click or right click or whatever and select Copy Link Location.
  5. Open a new browser tab or window.
  6. Paste the following into the address field:


  7. Do not hit return or click on go/right arrow.
  8. Switch from browser to a text editor.
  9. Paste in the copied URL in the text editor.
  10. See the PostID number at the end of what you pasted. Example:


  11. Select and copy your postID, ex


  12. Switch back to you web browser new tab or window that you opened.
  13. Clci at the right end of the URL in the address field and paste
    to append the postID to the right end of the URL in the address field
  14. Hit return or click on Go/Right arrow.

  15. Your browser should load the old blogger comments for the post of interest.


    48 comments about Alt-A

    28 comments about UBS vs New Century

    51 comments about LA office buildings

    128 comments about March employment report

    19 Comments about AHM while you were out


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