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Weight training, body building, weight lifting

Bodybuilding emphasizes developing large, well-defined,
well-proportioned muscles. In weightlifting, on the other
hand, the goal is simply increasing muscular strength.
Now, weight training, that's something else entirely.
Weight training builds strength to improve performance
in other athletic activities. You're gonna see a lot of
basketball and football players doing weight training.

-- Glen Tuttle, 41, Glendale, AZ.

Tuttle went on to explain that it is an individual's goal for
his or her body which determines the fitness program
that particular individual should choose.

"A bodybuilder is looking to achieve a certain overall
body image," said Tuttle, who works out approximately
30 hours a week and subscribes to numerous bodybuilding
magazines, including Flex, Ironman, and Muscle And Fitness.
"It's much more than simply upping the weight on your bar."


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