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Mortgage meltdown diagnoses

In 2006, the question was the canary in the coal mine question, 'Will the subprime mortgage industry meltdown, and would the meltdown spill over to other financial sectors ? '

In 2007, the question became, 'What started the meltdown ?'. Chris Whalen has an excellent summary of what we know in autumn 2007.

So what we saw actually was the largest public-private partnership to date, started as the National Partners in Home Ownership in 1994. It was signed onto by the realtors, the home builders, Fannie, Freddie, the mortgage bankers, HUD. It was a massive effort, with more than 1,500 public and private participants, and the state goal was to reach all time home ownership levels by the end of the century. And the stated strategy proposal to reach that goal was, quote: "to increase creative financing methods for mortgage origination." Those seeds were sown in 1994. Those policies were put in place in 1994.


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