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Obama advantage

An advantage in generating appealing factoids:

The Obama campaign spent more than $57,000 at the Four Seasons in Amman, Jordan, during the candidate's overseas trip in July, although a spokesman said that much of that was for rooms for the traveling press corps and that the campaign would be reimbursed by the news organizations. The campaign spent about $60,000 on the staging for Mr. Obama's speech in Berlin on that trip. Then there is the $140,000 that the campaign has spent at companies that make American flags, apparently mostly for campaign events, compared with just $7,000 spent by the McCain campaign.

U.S. / Politics
With Ambitious Campaign, Obama Is Both Big Spender and Penny Pincher
Published: October 31, 2008
Barack Obama spent enormous sums on nearly everything, yet his campaign has worked hard to maintain a reputation for frugality.


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