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Crashed exotic cars ?

Vodcars reports:

So where does that leave us? With the Ford GTs, the FXXs, the Pagani Zondas, the Carrera GTs, and of course, with the true historic classics like the E-Type Jag. These are the real exotics, and guess what--they had better be driven hard. Anyone who has ever met me knows that when it comes to cars, I have lost a few nuts and bolts in my head. I love to drive, even if it's in an aging Nissan 240, a car that somehow got me from NY-SF in 39 hours last month. Cars are meant to be driven. They should have rock-chips and bugs splattered across their front hoods. Seeing an exotic in this fashion gives me pride; it shows that the car is living up to its name and the owner knows how to treat her (Or him if it's named the Bismarck). So obviously, these cars will tend to break more, even crash more.

crash exotics

This is where I have problems with the recent Wall Street Journal article. It gives exotic car owners a bad rap. Obviously, cars are going to crash sometimes; all cars. It's just interesting how we most often hear about the accident's involving high-ends or exotics. It seems every summer we hear stories of 18 year old kids driving down the LIE in their AMG Mercs' which 'mysteriously' lose control and kill everyone on-board. This is a prime example of how money doesn't buy driving talent. I always like to think that if someone has the means to buy an exotic, they have some sense as to how to care for it and how to manage the power/responsibility. There will always be those guys and gals out there who don't work their way up to the top, but rather break it big with a stupid idea or hot single. They get loads of cash, go out and buy the car that will raise their D-list status, then drive it like it's stolen. They usually end up dead in a tree or serving time in an L.A. County prison.


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