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Tanta (Doris Dungey), RIP

Tanta of Calculated Risk, dead at 47.
A scathing yet joyous nerd.

Best of: On automated underwriting systems (AUS), underwriting cheat sheets, dogs.

First, there's the old "let's retrain a bunch of subprime loan officers to be prime GSE loan officers." You civilians might think this should be fairly easy, but the fact is that training a lot of these people to be prime loan officers basically means training them to be loan officers. If they had any basic depth of understanding of the business they're in, they could move to prime origination by just reading that other rate sheet. The reality is that they've been doing no-doc no-down no-sweat stuff for so long--some of them have never done anything but--that they're sitting around with the PlayStation waiting for someone to tell them how a 30-year fixed rate loan with a down payment and verified income actually works. Which is to say, their bosses are sitting around in the busier conference rooms trying to figure out if it's possibly worth the time and money to turn these people into mortgage experts instead of corner-cutting order-takers.

Boy are you going to be surprised someday when my obituary picture turns up in the paper.

Tanta | 04.03.08 - 11:34 am |


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