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Economics of Supporting a Blog

Advice to Abnormal Returns, one of Coruscation's daily reads.

We like the Abnormal the way it is -- an an efficient linkfest. We liked even more the longer posts when we blogrolled it back in 2005.

  • Have a pledge week if you like.

  • Keep the advertising from taking over the blog content or taking over the layout.
    Keep the simple efficient design. Do not make users click through teaser ledes just to increase page views

  • Do not let advertising keyword choice take over your writing topics. Keep covering topics that interest you. Do not take on hot or salacious topics or post provocative remarks (trolls) just to promote page views.

  • Present only audience-appropriate ads.
    Adsense keyword advertising often mismatches the sophistication of the audience with the products offered. For example, by promoting credit repair hucksters where investment analysts.

For moderate advertising done well, see for example, web software makers 37 Signals' Signal vs Noise.

Update 2009 June: Abnormal Returns re-design succeeds.


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