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Kettle bell routine

Dynamic warm-up series:
2 x 20 reps Kettlebell pass around the waist / lower legs
1 x 10 reps Wall Slides (arms against wall)
1 x 30 second hold Wrist flexion / extension stretch
1 x 20 reps each side Standing trunk rotation
1 x 15 reps each side Hip swings
2 x 15 reps Body Weight Squats
2 x 15 reps Kneeling push-ups

Kettlebell Exercises:
(repeat entire routine 2 to 4 times with a 2 to 3 minute rest interval in between each cycle)
1 x 20 reps Double Arm Swing --> 1 x 20 reps Alternating hands
1 x 16 reps Double Arm Swing with 180 degree Spin
1 x 30 reps Stationary Flip Swing and Catch
1 x 20 reps Double Arm Swing with Lateral Squatting Movement

See also: Kettlebell Workshop with Steve Cotter.


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