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Prescriptive Empathy for Asperger's

Looking somehow clinical in her pajamas, Kristen instructed me to answer the questions honestly. No problem, since I'm honest to a fault when I choose to speak to people. For the next two hours, she led me through questions that at times had us both laughing with recognition:

¶Do you often talk about your special interests whether or not others seem interested? Who's not interested in cleaning-product slogans?

¶Do you rock back and forth or side to side for comfort, to calm yourself, when excited or overstimulated? Where's the hidden camera?

¶Do you get frustrated if you can't sit in your favorite seat? Friendships have ended over this.

See also: autism.

Somewhere Inside, a Path to Empathy
Published: May 17, 2009
A man learns to deal with Asperger's syndrome, with the help of his wife.


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