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New Canaan: Concentric larger, smaller lots sized ring the transact

The 22-square-mile town of New Canaan, CT, has concentric circles of one-third-, one-half-, one- and two-acre lots, capped by a swath of homes on four acres or more. About 1,200 apartments and condominiums mingle with roughly 6,000 single-family homes.

New Canaan was also known as a haven for book editors and writers, advertising executives and transient corporate families ("I'm with I.B.M.: I've Been Moved"). "Next station to heaven," it was called, but with an edge. Along with good schools and abundant tennis courts, there were more than a dozen liquor stores. Ang Lee's 1997 film "The Ice Storm" captured the ennui of the town's teenagers circa 1973.

Living In | New Canaan, Conn.
Wealthy Town Cools on Super-Jumbo Homes
Published: September 20, 2009
Nestled in the crook of Connecticut's southwest corner 45 miles from Manhattan, New Canaan has never been a bargain hunter's paradise.


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