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Port Authority bus terminal 42nd Street

7 P.M. Assuming you passed on the beer towers, check out Port 41, 355 West 41st Street, (212) 947-1188, a bona fide dive bar with a life-size hippopotamus head -- missing one eye and sporting a hard hat -- that adorns one wall. Other perks: the bartenders wear bikinis, sometimes accessorized with fishnet stockings, and the regulars -- working stiffs, construction crews and, one recent afternoon, a guy passed out by the pool table in the back room -- put the salty in "salt of the earth." Beers start at $4, $3 during happy hour, and well drinks are $5. For those women who like to disappear to the bathroom in pairs, the restroom is one stall with two toilets, side by side, separated by nothing.

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Local Stop | Port Authority
In the Shadows of a Commuter Hub
Published: January 3, 2010
Nestled around the hulking and bustling Port Authority Bus Terminal are cafes and bars that recall the wilder days of Hell's Kitchen.


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