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Details like apartment safes

Apart from that, there are details like apartment safes, which could matter to clubgoers who party in their own cribs.

"You may trust your friends and roommates, but you don't have to," said Jeffrey E. Levine, the chairman of Douglaston Development and its construction arm, Levine Builders. "And every medicine cabinet has a keyed lockbox for pharmaceuticals. Viagra, Vioxx, Vicodin -- nobody needs to know but you."

The smallest studio is just under 400 square feet and it's $1,850 a month and one month free rent. The smallest two-bedroom apartment is just under 900 square feet and it's $3,590 and one month free.

Douglaston Development recently began leasing apartments at Ohm, a 288-unit tower at 312 11th Avenue and 30th Street, just north of the heart of West Chelsea's nightlife. In a marketing approach called "untested" by other property marketers, Douglaston is using the area's nightclubs as inspiration for building amenities.

Real Estate
A Nightclub to Call Home
Published: January 28, 2010
Douglaston Development is marking Ohm, a 288-unit tower at 312 11th Avenue and 30th Street, using the neighborhood's nightclubs.


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