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Middle class: Scarsdale, NY teachers up to $135,000

"We deserve a tax break and the kids deserve to keep their programs more than the teachers need a raise," said Fred Gorman, one of the group's founders.

School superintendents and board members say they have been caught in the middle, left with no choice but to reduce teacher payrolls -- either through salary concessions or layoffs -- to offset sharp revenue drops from state aid cuts, declining property values and resistance to higher taxes on the middle class. "At a certain point, there's nowhere else to go" to achieve savings, said Michael V. McGill, the superintendent in Scarsdale, whose 460 teachers are among the best paid in the nation, earning $54,442 to $135,000.

In New York's Suburbs, Teachers Feel Budget Ax
Published: May 11, 2010
Cost-saving measures like wage freezes and pay cuts have spread even to upscale suburban communities.


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