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Fate of people born in Taro

"People say that those who live in Taro will encounter a tsunami twice in their lives," Ms. Araya said. "That's the fate of people born in Taro."

Perhaps because it was their fate, because they were used to rising from tsunamis every few generations, some of those walking on the sea wall were already thinking about the future.

Ryuju Yamamoto, 66, peered down, trying to spot his house below, but was more interested in talking about the woman he was wooing. A tatami-mat maker, he pointed below to a spot where he had found his dresser and tatami mat, as well as a doll he had received as a wedding gift three decades ago. His father had forced him into an arranged marriage, he said, that lasted 40 days.

"I learned that she already had this," he said, pointing to his thumb, signifying a boyfriend. "And she refused to break it off."


In Japan, Seawall Offered a False Sense of Security

Published: March 31, 2011
A Japanese town's faith in a seawall and its ability to save residents from any tsunami was so unshakable, that some rushed toward it after the earthquake struck.


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