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What questions do you typically ask ?

Q. So what questions do you typically ask?

A. One of the questions I always ask them is, why don't you want this job? What are the things that scare you about this job? You learn a lot about a person that way. And if they say, "Well, what scares me about this job is it's too chaotic," they're not going to thrive here. Or if they say to me, "You know, I like to be in charge," then you're thinking, this person's not going to thrive in his group.

You're really looking for that person who understands the mission. Not that they agree with everything that you say, but they understand the mission. I want to hear someone who says: "I can contribute. I want to be part of this team. I feel like I can add some value and these are the reasons why." That's important. You want people who can put in and not take out.

Q. Have you been given feedback about your leadership and management style that led to you to make some adjustments?

A. People want to hear from me. I thought I was being very communicative. But they want more, so I send out updates constantly. They are usually pretty passionate and it's about what's going on in the business.


What's the Mission? Your Troops Want to Hear It From You

Published: March 26, 2011
Doreen Lorenzo, president of Frog Design, uses companywide phone calls, town hall meetings and many one-on-one contacts to communicate the company message.


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