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business card is already close to extinct in places like tech conventions

Gina Trapani, founder of the influential blog Lifehacker, said the business card is already close to extinct in places like tech conventions. "I see people exchange Twitter handles, I see people scan each other's badges," and send one another quick e-mails from their phones, she said. "But I definitely don't see people handing out cards anymore."

An app for the business networking site LinkedIn.com makes it easier to share contacts in person using Bluetooth. Newer sites like Hashable.com, Contxts.com and About.me allow users to create and share virtual business cards.

Business Cards Go Paperless, or Almost
Published: June 10, 2011
Once ubiquitous, they are being transformed and even eliminated by QR codes and apps like the Hashable for iPhone that lets users exchange electronic "cards."


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