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Wallabout, Brooklyn

The area has long been populated by members of the working and creative classes, joined recently by professionals.

Doug Bowen, a resident and senior vice president of CORE real estate, said the average house price last year was $975,000 or $395 per square foot, virtually unchanged from 2010. Andrea Yarrington, a vice president of the Corcoran Group, said houses took an average of 136 days to sell, versus 347 in 2010.

Ms. Yarrington added that 15 condos sold in 2011, for an average of $452 per square foot. A search on Streeteasy.com showed four co-ops, three condos and three town houses on the market.

Real Estate
Where History Meets Industry
Published: January 20, 2012
For all of this Brooklyn neighborhood's isolation and industrial grit, many of its residents describe it with immense pride and fondness.


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