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Digitally remastered by BMW, Part II: the sounds of M

The sound doesn't even come from a microphone in the engine compartment, which would make some perverse sense, but from a digital recording: "a discreet soundtrack in keeping with the harmonious and assured characteristics of the V8 power plant," BMW explains in its literature. Stomping on the gas pedal, the Bavarians continue, "prompts an immediate audible response to match the instantaneous -- and typically M -- burst of power from beneath the bonnet." They call it Active Sound Design.

In perspective, we all know that much of what we hear in life is not really so. Canned laughter and "sweetened" applause have been TV staples for decades, and all the slamming doors, breaking glass and squealing tires you hear in movies are sound effects. (Always notice when they have tires squealing on dirt roads ?)

Warning: The Next Sound You Hear Will Not Be Your Engine
Published: January 25, 2012
In a world of virtual noise, BMW fakes the roar of its engine with a digital recording in a red-hot 2013 model.

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Part 1: BMW X5, X6 vs Bill Howard and Dan Neil on digitally remastered suspension, brakes, engine controls, all required to negate the effects of more weight


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