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Dennis the Dentist part 6

I your name is Mike Baskauskas, you're going to be is a story about basketball.

In an interview with a Taiwanese television station last summer, Shirley lamented that she did not fully understand the intricacies of the American youth basketball system when Josh began playing; choosing the right teams and finding the right opportunities for exposure can be challenging.

With Jeremy, however, Shirley was diligent; Baskauskas recalled that when Jeremy was nearing the end of elementary school, there was no elite-level program for youngsters that age to join.

"So we started one," Baskauskas said.

With Shirley squarely in the middle of the group, a National Junior Basketball program was built in Palo Alto, which included a top-tier regional team that featured Jeremy and many other youngsters who went to play with him on Amateur Athletic Union teams and in high school.

"It filled a hole," Baskauskas said.

Tight-Knit Family Shares Lin's Achievement
Published: February 25, 2012
Jeremy Lin's parents navigated a winding path from Taiwan to Virginia, from Purdue University to Palo Alto, on their way to raising a global icon.


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