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Quant Start Quantitative-Finance-Reading-List

List by Michael Halls-Moore of Quantstart.com:

General Quant Finance Reading (Michael Lewis, Roger Lowenstein, Emanuel Derman).
Interview Preparation (Paul Wilmott, Mark Joshi)
Quantitative Trading ( Sheldon Natenberg, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Barry Johnson, Euan Sinclair)
Mathematical Finance / financial engineering (John Hull, Salih Neftci)
Interest Rate Derivatives (Damiano Brigo, Fabio Mercurio)
C++ (Scott Meyers )
Python (Mark Lutz)
MATLAB ( Paolo Brandimarte)
R (Phil Spector, Norman Matloff, Paul Murrell)
Excel/VBA (Fabrice Douglas Rouah, Gregory Vainberg)

Quantstart's Quantitative-Finance-Reading-List


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