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Foodies are about access, not skill 2

Vera Chang, 26, who lives in Vermont, is one of those consumers who pays attention to the ingredients on the menu and the origins of the food they favor. She says she rarely eats at chain restaurants, finding places instead through Edible Communities, which gives advice on restaurants, chefs and food, or the local newspaper, which tells her about the chef and the provenance of the foods served.

"I like to know the story about the places I eat," Ms. Chang said. "I think it's key to feed one's heart in addition to one's stomach when going out."

She said it was harder for chain restaurants to tell stories about the people behind the food they served and about themselves.

David Palmer, who follows the restaurant industry for UBS, underscored Ms. Chang's points, noting how particular the younger clientele could be, especially during tough economic times. "The austere crowd has cut back, and pretty significantly," Mr. Palmer said. "It's partly that they're economically challenged by the job market and student loans, but they also want authenticity in ingredients and the ability to customize meals in restaurants."


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