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Keep a journal with you at all times

Keep a journal with you at all times

Here is one, that is probably most underestimated. Keeping a daily journal of what you got done, of what worries you and what inspired you, is one of the best productivity tools there is. Some of the most famous writers of all time, including Franz Kafka, Virginia Wolf and others, strictly kept to daily journals. And Harvard Business School professor Teresa Amabile even wrote a whole book about it:

"One of the big reasons to keep a diary is to record small wins that otherwise might slip through your memory. You can leverage the progress principle and allow yourself to get that boost from realizing you are making progress. And it's also helpful to record major setbacks - or minor ones that recur - so you can think about how to get rid of inhibitors blocking your progress."

And journaling, fortunately is also one of the easiest ways to start writing consistently. To make keeping a daily journal even easier, here are 3 tools that make it a no-brainer:

Day One app - beautiful iOS and Mac apps for journaling

Moleskine - I've found that spending more money on a simple notebook, helps you to value your notes more too.

OhLife - Get a daily email asking about how your day went.


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