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Rhetoric of economics, marketplace is society

"We don't control what they do. We do support them.

We do support broadly what they are trying to do in the marketplace
-- in society maybe is a better way to say it."

"We are a commercial organization trying to bring health care treatments to patients.
I think, on balance, we are helping people."

-- Tom Casola, the Shire vice president who oversees the A.D.H.D. division.

Mrs. Parry still has the pamphlet given to her by the school psychologist, which states: "Parents should be aware that these medicines do not 'drug' or 'alter' the brain of the child. They make the child 'normal.' " She and her husband, Michael, put Andy on Ritalin. The Parrys later noticed that on the back of the pamphlet, in small type, was the logo of Ciba-Geigy. A school official told them in a letter, which they provided to The Times, that the materials had been given to the district by a Ciba representative.

"They couldn't advertise to the general public yet," said Michael Parry, adding that his son never had A.D.H.D. and after three years was taken off Ritalin because of sleep problems and heart palpitations. "But somebody came up with this idea, which was genius. I definitely felt seduced and enticed. I'd say baited."


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