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Light up the room -- but don't overshadow others

Speak up -- but don't talk too much. Light up the room -- but don't overshadow others. Be confident and critical -- but not cocky or negative.

The men and women sitting in judgment of all this behavior look nothing like what Silicon Valley would consider a jury of its peers. Instead of being young, white and male, with a sprinkling of Asians -- what critics say is the furthest limit in Silicon Valley in terms of diversity -- the jury is half female and ethnically diverse. Testimony ended abruptly Thursday afternoon when one of the jurors had a family emergency.

Before then, the jurors had been hearing for days about a world distant from that of most Americans.

Ms. Pao, a Harvard-trained lawyer with deep experience in the tech field, was initially paid $220,000 a year, plus 30 to 60 percent of her base salary as a bonus, plus much more as her share of Kleiner's investment funds. In return for this, she was expected to do whatever she was told, according to testimony and emails shown at the trial. She polished a speech for Mr. Doerr on her honeymoon. When he recommended a book, she wrote the blurb. She worked so much that he begged her to stop, writing her at one point to "please, please really take a real leave. You deserve it!"


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