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Tarantino's differences between TV and movies

Differences between TV and movies: TV relies on a kind of relentless storytelling whose main job is to constantly dispense information, while movies depend much more on mood and atmosphere -- TV is a writers' medium and movies are a directors' medium.

Even in the Golden Age of Television, the notion of TV as art is now considered something of a media-made joke that is finally being publicly deconstructed by critics, journalists and showrunners alike. The best TV shows still have sets that look a little ragged and threadbare because of the reality of TV economics -- and to Tarantino this matters.

The bigness of his recent movies -- ''Inglourious Basterds,'' ''Django Unchained'' and now ''The Hateful Eight'' -- feels like a rebuke to the smallness of TV and its increasing relevance to audiences, a fight against watching a series of medium shots and close-ups on your computer, your iPad and your iPhone. The belief in visual spectacle is part of Tarantino's message in the era of Amazon, Hulu and Netflix.


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