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September 22, 2017

George Washington Bridge suicide fence

"A temporary "pedestrian safety fence" intended to prevent suicides will be installed starting on Sept. 25 on the south side of the George Washington Bridge, announced Monday after a tour of the span by high ranking Port Authority officials.

Installation of the fence on the span's upper-level south sidewalk means it will be temporarily closed to pedestrians and bicyclists for three months, officials said. So far this year, agency "initiatives" have been credited with "intervening in 45 cases where emotionally disturbed people were considering doing themselves harm on the bridge," officials said"

September 21, 2017

Self-regulation and metacognition are key to learning

Self-regulation and metacognition are key to learning.

The survey then asked the students to reflect on what kinds of questions the exam might include, and to identify which of 15 available class resources they would use to study, including lecture notes, practice exam questions, textbook readings, instructor office hours, peer discussions, and private tutoring. They were asked to write down why each resource would be useful and how they would use it, effectively mapping out a study plan.

-- Patricia Chen

September 20, 2017

Road bike efficiency and bicycle suspension, reconciled

Typically, road bike efficiency and bicycle suspension don't go hand in hand. But in 2012 when Trek introduced the Domane, it could be argued that it represented a revolution in road bike design.

Rather than incorporating "suspension" in a traditional sense, the Domane saw the launch of Trek's IsoSpeed Decoupler which allowed certain parts of the frame to flex while others remained stiff. Shortly after, Cancellara put his stamp of approval on the concept by racing it to victory in both Flanders and Roubaix.

September 18, 2017

Grammarly helps in three areas

Grammarly helps in three areas: basic mechanics, such as spelling, grammar and sentence structure; secondly, clarity, readability and ambiguity. Finally, an area that the company is still developing is effectiveness, which is context-specific suggestions or flagging things like gendered or aggressive language. In the future, the app could do thinks like ask if a joke in your writing is appropriate.

Behind the scenes the service is processing loads of data--in April, it suggested 14 billion improvements across its service.

The tool parses text, breaking it up into phrases and sentences. It applies various algorithms to analyze the text using technology such as natural language processing and machine learning.

September 8, 2017

Cyclosportive, sportive, Gran Fondo

A cyclosportive, or often simply sportive, is a short to long distance, organised, mass-participation cycling event, typically held annually. The Italian term Gran Fondo is commonly used for these events in the United States, Australia and some other English-speaking countries.

September 7, 2017

Online learning vs college lecture

Quartz vs college lecture.

September 6, 2017

Big data machine learning insight: pick up trucks voted Bush/Trump, sedans voted Kerry/Hillary

Confirmed by Google Street View.