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GoogleBro James Damore, via Joe Rogan

1 - "No, you're wrong. You just have white male privilege."

2 - "People feel that they have to walk on eggshells otherwise they'll get reported to HR by some random activist within the company."

3 - "There's some underground efforts within Google to at least document some of this."
"...and they even have these automated scripts to try to find these negative things on people that they don't like."

4 - "We're going to sabotage their work."

5 - "Now they are trying to get into de-biased machine learning."

-- Via Joe Rogan.

James was galvanized to write the memo in response to Google thrusting (unconsentingly) its diversity doctrines and mantras upon their employees. For example, Google would hold classes and day-long seminars on topics such as "unconscious biases" in an attempt to hamper down personal biases.


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