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Specialized Roubaix 2017: best sportive bike for Gran Fondo ?

Specialized Roubaix 2017 review.

The original Roubaix aimed to offer all the benefits of a racing machine, with all the stiffness, low weight and high pedalling efficiency that modern carbon fibre construction could deliver. The big difference was that this was combined with a more endurance-biased geometry.

Audax-style or in American-speak 'Century' bike geometries before, where elongated head-tubes and short top-tubes met shorter angled-up stems for a very upright, more relaxed riding style. But Specialized's Roubaix wasn't as short in the top-tube or as tall at the front. It was this sweet spot that revolutionised road bike development.

Now with Chis and Chris (Chris D'Alusio and Chris Yu) suspension inserts for the post-Zertz elastomer era.


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