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Denise Young Smith

Cornell Tech today announced that Denise Young Smith, Apple's Vice President of Inclusion and Diversity, will be the new Executive-in-Residence at Cornell Tech, beginning her role in January 2018.

One of the most prominent African-American female executives in Silicon Valley, Smith's 20-year career at Apple includes leading Human Resources and most recently overseeing the company's global effort for an inclusive and embracing culture and workforce. As the Executivein-Residence, Smith will work with students to build an early career-stage awareness of the criticality of inclusive leadership and a diverse talent imperative.

I'm taking on this project because it will allow me to address the deep sense of urgency I feel to help evolve the thinking of our current and future tech leaders," said Denise Young Smith. "By instilling the value of true diversity and inclusion into Cornell Tech's unique base of students and faculty, we will not only make an impact on the institution but also and most important, to the next generation of leaders as they go out into the world."

This past September, Cornell Tech welcomed Smith for this year's first "Conversations in the Studio" session, a confidential conversation with renowned leaders who share their thoughts and insights with a collected group of students.


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