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Overpromising battery life for cel phone

This is a third of a day with light use, not a day of full use.

Nevertheless, in my tests, I found the Samsung Galaxy s8 cell phone battery life to be good enough to last a full day at 75 percent brightness.

For instance, on one day, I (The Verge / Walt Mossberg ) streamed two movies and a TV show from Netflix, did a bunch of photo and video shooting, placed a few phone calls, and did email, texting, and social media posting and reading. The battery lasted about 10 hours. As it was a Saturday, the phone wasn't receiving nearly the typical weekday volume of emails, texts, tweets, and Facebook posts. But I still think that, for most people who aren't likely to be watching all that video on a work day, the S8 would get them through the day.

Here is a Ten-Hour SmartPhone Battery Test (THSPBT) for celphone usability:

  1. Stream music on Youtube Red over LTE. Mix plugged-in speakers or headphones (five hours) with Bluetooth speakers or headphones (five hours).
  2. Navigate with GoogleMaps; keeping the screen unlocked and illuminated so you can see the screen in order to navigate.
  3. Log your movement with Strava or RideWithGPS.
  4. Take ten videos of 5 minutes length, each. Edit and post ten onto Instagram / Twitter / Strava while stopped (for water, etc)
  5. Also post 10 snapchat short videos.
  6. Receive a full suite of Yelp, Twitter, Swarm, Outlook, etc notifications, whilst en route.

  7. upon arriving, is there sufficent battery to stream two netflix movies ?


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