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Interest-rate term-structure pricing models: Riccardo Rebonato

Review Paper. Interest-rate term-structure pricing models: a review
Riccardo Rebonato

Interest-rate term structure modelling from the early short-rate-based
models to the current developments; use models for pricing complex
derivatives or for relative-value option trading. Therefore, relative-pricing
models are given a greater emphasis than equilibrium models.

The current state of modelling owes a lot to how models have
historically developed in the industry, and stresses the importance
of 'technological' developments (such as faster computers or more
efficient Monte Carlo techniques) in guiding the direction of theoretical

The importance of the joint practices of vega hedging and daily
model-recalibration is analysed in detail. The relevance of market
incompleteness and of the possible informational inefficiency of
derivatives markets for calibration and pricing is also discussed.

Term-Structure Modelling, Interest-Rate Models, Model Calibration,
Vega Hedging, Informational Efficiency (Emh)

Available via the Royal Society.


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