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Interest Rate Monitor, bond glossary, BEEM, REMIC

Interest Rate Risk Monitor by James Baker
obsesses about bonds and interest rates.

And from the bond glossary:

Bond-Equivalent Effective Margin (BEEM): The average spread of an adjustable
rate security over the underlying index for the life of the instrument.
BEEM assumes the index remains constant and the coupon of the security
completely resets to the index over time, taking into account all caps, collars
and floors.

REMIC (Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit): A tax treatment introduced
by the 1986 Tax Reform Act for multi-class mortgage-backed securities such
as CMOs, Strips and senior/subordinated pass-throughs. An objective of the
REMIC legislation was to permit issuers to assume a more streamlined legal
form than that of the owners trust under which most CMOs had previously
been issued. Issuers have the option to elect REMIC tax treatment until 1992,
when REMIC tax treatment becomes mandatory. REMIC treatment identifies
the securities created as one or more "regular" interests and a single "residual"
interest. In market parlance, the term REMIC is used to refer to a structured
mortgage-backed security electing REMIC status. More loosely, it is used
interchangeably with CMO.


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