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3M™ Mobile Privacy Film

3M™ Mobile Privacy Film

Protective skin for a cel phone screen.

3M™ Mobile Privacy Film is the newest addition to the 3M Front Surface Protection Film product line. This removable privacy film allows users to text, review email, check electronic bank statements, etc. without fear of having your "need to know" information become public information. Allows you the freedom to text and email anywhere without worry that others will see.

Features and Benefits:
Offers the same screen darkening "microlouver" privacy as other 3M privacy filters but now is a smaller size to fit and protect your mobile devices.
Helps maintain visual security of information.
Light matte finish helps reduce glare so your screen is easier to see.
Protects your device screen from the rigors of everyday use.
Easy to apply and removes cleanly leaving no residue.

3M™ Mobile Privacy Film

Compare to Zagg InvisibleSHIELD / ShieldZone.


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